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Ever more stringent legislation is compelling Public Authorities to recycle their organic waste and Farmers to reconsider their disposal systems for manure.  Rekord majors with a wide range of equipment specific to the waste industry.

Seko Eco-Line produce Bio-Chopper-Mixers in many formats and sizes.  Trailed, Self propelled or Static machines powered by tractor PTO and either diesel engines or electric motors. Compost is made out of most organic materials from garden waste, prunings, tree roots and packaging materials. These machines also achieve very significant volume reductions of waste. Seko also produce excellent  Drum Screening Machines. from 50 to 200 cu metres per hour capacity.
For reliable and fast screening of high moisture content materials such as wet sand or compost Bonera Ecologia produce a unique modular system utilising a punched belting screen agitated by contra tensioning.

To remove plastic sheet from compost and municipal waste they produce their Deplasticificator.

Biogas plants, which ecologically dispose of food wastes, fats, organic slurries or manure, also produce a valuable energy source.  Rekord act as a UK liaison partner to Krieg & Fischer whose expertise covers all aspects of design and installation of plants both mesophilic and thermophilic, wet or dry fermentation.  
Solve your waste problems, compact to reduce the volume by up to 80%. The unique rotary "Autopress" to the right is excellent for most materials and especially suitable for foam and textiles.