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                                     Caeb MP 550 R Mini Baler                

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The Rekord Caeb Mini Baler has been designed to produce firm round bales of hay, straw or silage which can easily be handled without mechanical equipment. The bales are particularly suitable for use in stables both for bedding, hay and haylage.  The latter being a drier form of silage is both nutritious and palatable and can be guaranteed dust free.  The baler also finds a useful application  for Public Authorities to bale and remove the cuttings from rough areas or leaves. Indeed the baler can be used to bale most kinds of waste including cardboard, waste paper, foam or textiles. 

This front attached round baler is designed for a no - tools required drive in fit to Rapid Pedestrian Tractors. The weight of the baler transfers to the drive wheels of the tractor unit giving good traction when working uphill.  The rollers in the chamber form a bale with a so called " tender heart " because the less compact core allows hay to have proper transpiration and so avoid going mouldy, whilst on it's outer part the bale is heavily compressed creating a water repellent protective layer.

With a bale size of 55 cm diameter and 52 cm long, on average a 22 Kg bale of hay is formed in about 40 seconds giving an output of about 1500 Kg per hour.
Whilst baling hay, straw and silage for stock and especially horses is a popular application, the clearance of rough mowings and leaves from public and commercial sites is also common. 

Contact Ray Green at Rekord for further details.

Technical Data

Bale Size - 55 x 52 cm Bales per hour - 50 to 80
Weight of a bale of hay - 20 to 25 Kg Net binding standard
Weight of a bale of straw - 14 to 18 Kg Bale Counter standard
Weight of a bale of silage - 35 to 50 Kg Visual bale signal standard
Chain protection clutch standard Acoustic signal optional
Automatic chain tensioning standard Power required - 12 kW
Optional automatic  chain lubrication Optional pick up wheels


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