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We can supply round balers to suit a huge range of requirements from  Farmers and Contractors with large acreages of silage, hay and straw at one extreme, and Groundsmen dealing with leaves and conservation debris at the other. Apart from obvious size differences there are also constructional differences relating to chamber design, feed packer systems and intake cut systems. Please follow the links below for details of each range and further for individual models.

Our large range of balers manufactured by Wolagri cover most requirements from the largest Farmers and Contractors right down to the Mini Balers popular with the equine industry.

See the main page for the comprehensive Wolagri range.


The smallest round baler available anywhere is manufactured by Caeb. This is ideal for baling horse haylage, the bales being easy to handle by young stable staff. It is also widely used by Conservation Authorities and Councils.   The unique front mounted version can be powered by mini tractors or ideally our Rapid Pedestrian Tractors.

See details of the Caeb MP 550 R Front Mounted Mini Baler.


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