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Rekord introduced the combine mounted Straw Chopper to UK farmers over 40 years ago and was the Premier Supplier of this product until recent times when combine manufacturers included a chopper in their basic design. We now mainly supply replacement machines and parts but also can fit new Choppers and Chaff Spreaders to many makes of combine. We also have over 20 year's experience in supplying the very substantial "Cabe" ranges of tractor driven multi-crop Chopper - Shredders also multi angle Bank Mowers and Rotary Mowers. For motorway grass maintenance we  supply specialist Barrier Mowers.

Our Sidewinder round bale feeder is tried and proved around the world as a genuine one man - one tractor operation.  The new Award winning Combi Feeder gives flexibility to feed different materials during the year. We supply Seko Diet Feeders earlier distributed by Listers and well established as extremely reliable machines with excellent shredding and mixing.

We manufacture our MCS range of tined cultivation equipment to be technically efficient, robust and sensibly priced. Likewise our "Big Brute" Subsoilers.  Our Power Harrows from Roter-Italia are well engineered and are available in many sizes from 6 metres to 0.5 metre.  We also have a large range of traditional Rotary Cultivators also manufactured by Roter-Italia. Unique in this country our Phoenix Rolling Spike Chain Harrows fit well in systems of large scale low cost farming.

Rekord pioneered auger Drill Fillers in the UK and sell both free standing and trailer or drill mounted models as well as tractor or implement mounted Bag Lifters.   Our "Turbo" Rubber Belt Elevators are suitable for a most crops and materials, working both in field and in store.    We are again unique in the UK in supplying specialised Raking Pickups and Headers for harvesting dry peas.

 We have a large range of Wolagri Balers for all sizes of round and square bales.

The wrapped mini round bale of haylage is in demand for dust free horse feed and our Mini Balers with matching Wrappers are the best on the market for this purpose. They are also suitable for packaging many waste products as well as hay and straw.