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Rekord's wide range of axial fans are manufactured by Akron Sweden.  The fan impellers are precision cast from aluminium alloy in Akron's own foundries, peripherally machined and balanced for smooth running. Casings and frames are of galvanised steel. The combination of these two metals prevents the danger of sparking.  Their special design is exceptionally efficient giving high outputs at low electrical consumption. This top performance is combined with long life and dependability.

Type PF fans are a range of Single Axial Fans with electric motor sizes from 3 to 25 HP and are specially designed to give extremely high outputs. The aluminium alloy blades are mounted in a rugged aerodynamic frame. Simple four bolt fixing makes them easy to install into wall or end plate of tunnel. See specifications.

Type PFD fans are Two-Stage Fans giving extremely high output at low electrical power consumption and are designed to give the high pressures required for grain drying. Low blade weight reduces start-up resistance giving low starting power requirements. They give excellent outputs at higher w.g. - up to 11". Can be run with one motor/fan only for ventilation or aeration. Models available with twin 2HP to twin 50 HP motors and are easily fitted in your drying or ventilation installation. See specifications.

Type PFS fans are single axial fans similar in output to the PF range and are available with motor sizes from 0.5 to 10 HP. The impeller is mounted in a short case along with the motor giving it full weather protection and making it suitable for outside applications. These fans are highly suitable for installation on to ducting. See specifications
Type PFDD fans are twin PFD fans built into a special frame ( not shown ) and they give very high outputs from multiples of medium sized motors. They are extremely flexible  in output according to the number of motors used from 1 to 4. Supplied with air control flaps to automatically blank one fan when not in use and for starting. See specifications.

Portable Fans :-  Type PDF 40 & 50 can be supplied as portable units with wheels, handle and canvas connector, either single or three phase supply.

Silencers :- For situations where there is environmental sensitivity, silencers are available which considerably reduce noise levels. They are bolt on units to fit all PFD and PFS models.

Ventilation & Dust Extraction Fans Type PSV :-  These are plate mounted for easy fitting to walls or rooves and have fan diameters from 310 mm to 710 mm with fan speeds of 700 RPM, 950 RPM, 1450 RPM and 2900 RPM.  These are high efficiency low power consumption fans with all vital components in stainless steel or aluminium, IP54 protection and safety guard as standard. See specifications.

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