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For over 30 years the high performance and reliability of Rekord fans has made a major contribution to the development of efficient bin and on-floor systems for bulk drying and conditioning.  The RS range of centrifugal fans have been continually developed for efficiency, performance and reliability.

  Features include highly efficient, backward curved impellers, with non-overloading characteristics which give excellent performance against high back pressures. See performance data.

All electric models are supplied complete with pre-wired control panels and three-phase electric models, of 10 h.p. and above, are fitted with automatic star-delta starters with overload and under-voltage protection.

All electric models can be fitted with an automatic controller which ensures that the fan will run only when the air RH% is within a pre-set limit. Where electric heater banks or modulating gas heaters are used, a combined controller offers control of the fan in both ambient and heater modes.

Rekord recommends the use of modulating gas heaters to increase drying efficiency. See details. All fans can also he fitted with electric heater banks.

Models RS 3, 5, 10, & 15 are available with single phase motors.   Model RS 25 can be supplied as Tractor mounted PTO driven.

Fan units from 10 to 75 h.p. can be supplied with drive shaft and bearings only, to enable them to be belt-driven by a diesel engine or floor mounted electric motor. Down draught fans also available.

Fans can be delivered to have either right or left hand inlets and have either high or low level discharges as well as vertically up or down.

A ‘piggy back’ fan arrangement is an efficient and cost effective method of providing the high volumes of air required for crop drying, particularly in a situation where significant electricity supply reinforcement cost may be incurred for the operation of one single, high horsepower fan. In addition to reducing the electric current demanded during starting, a ‘piggy back’ fan arrangement also offers greater flexibility. For example, as the store is being loaded the use of one fan in the early stages of loading will enable drying to commence at the earliest possible time. After the grain is dry it is desirable to ventilate the store periodically and, as this process does not require the high volume of air used for drying, one fan in a ‘piggy back’ pair can adequately perform the task, with a consequent cost saving.

Models RSM 3 and RSM 5 are portable units on wheels mainly used for cooling bins post drier.

RS-A models are Low Volume Aeration Fans

RS-A 1 is 0.33HP single phase 355CFM @ 1.5"WG

RS-A 2 is 0.75HP single phase 785CFM @ 1.5"WG

RS-A 3 is 1.5 HP  single phase 1425CFM @ 1.5"WG

RS-A 4 is 1.5 HP  three phase  1425CFM @ 1.5"WG

see RS fan dimensional data

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