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        Floor Store Grain Stirrers

Rekord manufacture the Stir-Dry in conjunction with the David Manufacturing Company USA combining 30 years of experience of DMC Grain Stirring with Rekord on-floor and round silo drying technologies.


   Improves the efficiency of all bulk drying stores, reducing drying costs.

        Prevents grain capping and crop compaction.

        Reduces static air pressure, increasing airflows significantly.

        Crop is dried evenly, reducing the risk of. rejected loads and making sampling easier.

        Enables the use of more heat further reducing drying times.

        Less risk of grain deterioration or reduced Hagberg levels.

        Crops can be sold earlier taking advantage of. premiums.

        Drying and storage depth can be increased significantly.

         Can improve the older floor stores which were designed with airflows now considered inadequate.

         Special variable pitch auger flights draw grain evenly along the length of the auger.

         Stir-Dry suitable for round, square silos and on floor stores.

         Strong construction and good design, capable of 65 span.


The Stir-Dry has been designed to operate in floor store widths up to 65 and in any length of building.

The variable pitch augers can work in crop depths from 4 to 14 moving grain evenly over the total depth of the crop.

The large main beam carries 2 or more auger carriages, each with 2 auger flights The carriages are linked together and have a positive chain drive for traversing across the building Each auger has an individual 1HP motor and belt drive.

The trolley drive units, each with 2 drive rollers, are mounted on both ends of the beam and sit directly onto the track The drive rollers set up indentations in both tracks traveling the length of the building creating a positive rack and pinion type drive This prevents crabbing in normal conditions The hardened drive rollers are 150mm wide to allow for structural movement of the building and tunnel.  

The electrical control panel is fully pre-wired to control all the motors and switches making the operation fully automatic Mercury switches protect the augers and forward and reverse micro-switches operate on movable end stops so small areas of the store can be stirred. Anti-crabbing switches cut the machine off altogether should the beam get caught up on one side and crabbing occur.

The augers are started in pairs to reduce the electrical start current and down load in case the augers are in wet compacted crop.

By installing a simple gantry and a second set of tracks, stirring can be carried out in separate bays of a store, Rekord simplify this procedure by offering a second set of augers which are supported by brackets in the back of the store, at the correct centres, making auger attachment an easy operation.


Grain drying in bulk does have inherent problems particularly when the incoming crop is wet and contaminated with impurities. The drying process is slowed further by capping and compaction which continuously reduces air flows throughout the drying process. The Stir-Dry overcomes all of these problems, increasing the efficiency of the floor store.

The special DMC variable pitch augers draw grain along the the entire length of the auger ensuring a total mixing of grain to the full depth of the crop Thus overcoming all the normal floor store problems.

The Stir-Dry is simply turned on at the control panel and will automatically travel between the movable end stops traveling at approximately 40 feet per hour.


Because there is no longer a drying front or risk of capping, a controlled higher air temperature can now be applied. This can improve drying rates by as much as 50% The Rekord Modulating Gas Burners can be used for this purpose.

        In Silo Stir-Ator :-

Rekord also supply the very efficient and reliable Stir-Ator and Red Giant round silo stirrers suitable for silos of all diameters.  Please see the next page for more details of these models.

These models can also be adapted for square silos if required.

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