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The Circu-Lator 1 & 2 are complete, totally automated grain handling & drying systems designed to fit in bins from 18 to 36 feet diameter. Wet grain from the field is loaded directly into the drying bin. The grain is dried and automatically transported to storage bins which may be located over 100 feet away.

Energy Efficient :- The drying zone is maintained at the bottom of the drying bin. Therefore heated air blown into the bin at floor level must travel upwards through the wet grain to escape. As a result the hot air becomes fully moisture saturated before it is exhausted eliminating energy waste. As the grain dries it is removed from the bottom of the bin, layer by layer by the tapered sweep augers. The dried grain is transferred to adjacent storage bins where it is cooled slowly losing further moisture. Accurate moisture control by computer assures maximum fuel efficiency.

Simple Operation :- Start your fan, heater and Circu-Lator. Fill the bin to any level with wet grain. The Circu-Trol (control panel) automatically starts the Circu-Lator when the bottom layer of grain becomes dry. The Tapered Sweep Auger rotates around the bin removing dry grain in a thin even layer.

This dry grain is pulled to bin center where it is elevated to the top by the Center Vertical Auger, and transferred to the storage bin for cooling by the Con­tinuous Flow Auger. The Circu-Trol stops the Tapered Sweep when all the dry grain has been removed, automatically starting it again when necessary.

No Babysitting :- The drying process continues around the clock auto­matically day and night. Moisture checks three times a day are all that are required. These may be taken from the ground, using the Grain Sampling Valve. Circu­Lator owners operate the system 24 hours a day, without babysitting.

Surge Capacity :- The Circu-Lator System has wet holding capacity as large as the drying bin. Wet grain may be added to the drying bin at any time, as fast as you harvest. This large surge capacity lets you harvest rapidly when the going is good and stretches out the drying load when weather and other problems slow you down.

Re-circulating Batch Dryer :- The Continuous Flow Auger is turned off when the adjacent storage bins are filled, and the Circu-Lator becomes a Re-circulating Batch Dryer. In re-circulation, the dry grain is removed from the bin floor, elevated up the Center Vertical Auger and re-spread on top by the Re-circulation Spreader.

The grain is normally dried in two passes when re-circulating. In the first pass the Circu-Trol is adjusted to re-circulate the grain when it reaches 20% moisture content. Wet grain is then added to the bin, dry­ing as it is filled.

After the bin becomes full, the Circu-Trol is reset to dry to the desired moisture content in the final pass. When the bin is completely dried, the burner is turned off and the grain is cooled by the drying fan.

The basic Circu-Lator may be initially installed without the Continuous Flow Auger and operated alone as a Recirculating Batch Dryer. The Continuous Flow Auger can be added later, converting the system into a Continuous Flow Dryer.

Unloads :- The Circu-Lator has a built-in unloading auger which will un­load the bin at high speed until the grain will no longer flow by gravity. At this point, the Tapered Sweep Auger may be used to continue unloading. The unloading auger and re-circling mechanism may be operated separately or together by clutch selection.

The optional Generation 2 Comp-u-Dry system controller further refines the process and can provide a printed record  of the operation ideal for crop assurance.

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