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AKRON have with Storage Bin type ‘M’ introduced a completely new concept as far as construction and erection is concerned. We are bold enough to claim that no other square bin system is as flexible, regarding size and adaptability. Bins can be supplemented with:-

1.  Hoppers of various sizes and angles.

2.  Air Sweep Floor on existing level floor, no conveyer trenches required.

The construction of the bins are designed to carry a roof directly onto the support posts Side claddings and working bays are also available.

Bin sizes can vary up to 6 m (20’) or more. Maximum height of bins, using standard sheets is 14.3m(47’).

Special panels and posts allow heights of 25 meters to be obtained.

  The system can be adapted in small units, as well as in very large installations. The erection is very simple thanks to the ingenious module system with special corner posts No other system is as easy to install. Dismantling can be done very quickly with no harm to the material.


The galvanized wall sheets are manufactured in various lengths. They will stand rough handling during transport and erection with no damage.

Due to the heavy galvanized panels, the lifespan of these bins is long and requires no maintenance.

  Corner posts and leg stands made from heavy materials, are as standard delivered painted or galvanized.

The details for the bins are manufactured in a series of special machines. Automatic welding machines ensure that all details will be identical. This makes the fit very precise, which is important for easy erection and making weather­proof.

Unlike ordinary farm equipment, which will lose in value as the years pass by, the AKRON Grain Bin type ‘M’ is a sound capital investment thanks to the robust quality and the possibility of dismantling without damage.

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