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Rekord can supply a very wide range of unloading equipment for farm and commercial round grain silos, also the specialized "Flying Dutchman" Industrial Bin Unloader for products which bridge in the hopper e.g. wood chips or powders.

Rekord Springland Bin Unloaders:-

  • High capacity under-floor augers.
  • Mechanical or electric sweep drive.
  • Horizontal or 25 degree inclined powerhead.
  • Quick detach motor mount and free flowing discharge.
  • Optional reduction drive on sweep wheel for aggressive cleanout and safe operation.

Electric Sweep Drive:-

  • Enclosed belt drive keeps grain out of drive belts.
  • Quick detach motor mount.
  • Adjustable for 6", 8" and 10" sweeps.

Mechanical Sweep Drive:-

  • Internal gear shifting mechanism.
  • Unloading auger motor drives the sweep through a double gearbox.
  • The gearbox easily moved from one bin to the next.

Rack & Pinion Gate Control & Gearbox Shifter:-

  • Winds for smooth control of gate openings.
  • Mechanical sweep drive is engaged by a lever from outside of the bin.

Horizontal Powerhead:-

  • Standard lid keeps grain in and rodents out.
  • Over-center belt tensioner.
  • Quick detach motor mount.
  • Enclosed belt guard.

25 Degree Inclined Powerhead:-

  • Raises the discharge for bins with low foundations.
  • Optional wheeled powerhead cart for all types of powerhead.

see Specifications for capacities, power requirements and typical use

For large diameter silos ( 60ft dia. & up ) see Commercial Series Sweeps on separate page.

 Automated U Trough Unload Systems are available in similar sizes to standard range.

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