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Our range of round silos are exceptionally well made to a modern design.  The Wide-Corr silos are unique in their purpose designed corrugation profile which gives high strength, good looks, easier cleaning with less dust retention, and most importantly less wall friction when emptying or using an in-bin continuous drying system  such as our Shivvers System.


A Heavy Bottom Angle secures the bin and ensures a positive seal between the sidewall and the foundation. 

The separate bottom angle allows easy extension of the height of the bin without discarding the bottom sheet. Holes for drying floor flashing are pre-punched in each bottom sheet for quick and easy installation of a bin floor.

High Strength Plated Bolts:-   Sidewall sheets are bolted in both the crest and valley giving a snug overlap of wall sheets. High strength, Grade 8.2 JS500 plated bolts are supplied A factory assembled steel backed polyethylene washer ensures weather protection. All hardware and owners manuals are packed in rugged pails.

Crawl in Door:-  A heavy duty 24 diameter hatch door is standard on all series 42 and 48 bins and available on small bins The door is factory assembled into a heavy wall sheet to ensure proper installation and reduce installation time The snug fitting inner and outer door combine to provide a weather and grain seal. Each door swings open for easy access. A door step is also provided.
Easy Main Door :-  Westeel's exclusive Swing-Away door design provides quick and easy grain bin access without the need for any tools or complicated disassembly.       This convenient doorway provides a clear entry and is a standard feature on most wide-corr bins up to 36 feet in diameter.

Everything swings on hinges. The door panel swings, the tie bar swings and the auger chute swings so there is easy access even with your auger still in place.

Positive Rib Seal :-   For year round protection.
The Bin Roof :-  Latest technology in roof design.  The 30 deg. slope gives quick water run off and maximum grain capacity. Each roof sheet has small corrugations formed right into the sheet to increase rigidity and strength. The ribs fit together snugly to assure a weather-tight fit. A large peak opening is provided for easy filling and access.

The Roof Cap is securely fastened to the roof with a latch. It opens easily by sliding on guide rails to a fixed position along the peak opening This elimi­nates any danger especially on windy days.

Stiffening Rings are used to further increase the strength of the roof and increase safety. Roof sheets are attached to the sidewall sheets with a top angle This angle provides a positive connec­tion of the roof to the sidewall and superior wind resistance.

A Roof Ladder comes standard with each bin to assure safe access to the peak.

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