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These products are designed mainly for Public Authorities, Horticulture, Landscape Gardeners, Sports & Golf Courses and General Industries. Please click a hyperlink above or in the dialog below to follow your area of special interest.

Caeb and Wolagri Mini Balers front mounted or trailed are sold for use on motorway sides and conservation areas as well as producing conveniently sized bales of hay or haylage for horse or other animal feed.

We supply equipment for many different applications from ground preparation to maintenance of fine turf and heavier cutting of banks and specialised motorway barrier mowing, conservation areas and orchards including the shredding of prunings and other debris.  In the medium sized category we have a range of 5 grass cutters, also variable width rotary grass cutters, and hydraulic side shift shredders.


We specialise in mowing machinery for Highway verges, high banks and deep dikes. These very special mowers are manufactured by Hymach in Italy, a company founded in 1983 with the aim of designing and constructing machinery for the maintenance of public and private green areas. In particular they specialise in the construction of bespoke equipment for mowing grass on particularly deep escarpments and roadside verges interspersed with road protection such as guard-rails or kerbstones, the grass-cutting machines can have arms up to 18 m long and so-called “Raiber” equipment for avoiding obstacles.   Right from the very beginning, the company has produced original models of suction cutting-collecting machines, hedge trimmers and equipment that can be fitted onto tractors, trucks, self-propelled tool carriers and rail wagons. Please click the following hyperlink to see more  about our Hymach Specialist Mowers.


For small conventional Tractors we supply our mounted Baby Series of Flail Mowers and our Mini Series Power Harrows.



As power available rises we have a series of heavy duty Universal Shredders, and for ditches & banks  we supply Multi Angle Flail Mowers. For the fine cutting and collecting of grass in one operation we have revolutionary Turf Groomers.   


For larger soil preparation requirements please refer to our Agricultural Cultivation Equipment.

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