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Hymach Suction Machines for Oxfordshire

Isis Accord PLC, contractors to Oxfordshire Highways, have been using two Rekord Hymach TAH P600 TR suction sidearm verge mowers throughout the county this year to apply the mow and collect system.     This system has been a great success and many other counties in the UK are looking to adopt this procedure.  The Accord Group have already secured business in the South West for further work in 2007.   The idea of mow and collect is to take away material which would degrade and produce nutrients so feeding the grass. Removing this will reduce the number of cuts required and allow the grass verges to be able to sustain growth of species of wildflowers. In addition, litter is also removed safely without the need for personnel to be walking along the highway.  The grass that has been collected is mixed with other green waste material from the county and is reduced and mixed using a Rekord Seko Bio-Shredder. The end product is to be used as a soil improver within the parks. An environmentally sound recycling solution.

Caldicot and Wentlooge Levels Drainage Board choose Hymach

When the Caldicot and Wentlooge Drainage Board needed to replace an ageing side-arm verge mower, they had some very important requirements. The machine would be a specialist verge mower , not a hedgecutter and would be centrally mounted on the tractor.  Requiring a 9 metre reach, balance and stability were naturally important for safety and operator confidence. It would need to have a powerful hydraulic system and be built to give many years of reliable service.  After looking at several machines on the market, they chose a Rekord Hymach TDH P900 TR which was assembled onto a new Massey Fergusson 7465 tractor equipped with a Vario transmission. The 9 metre reach machine was specified with electronic joystick control, a 100HP piston pump and motor hydraulic system, two stage telescopic arm and 1.2 metre flail head with heavy duty flails. The advantage of the Hymach sidearm, which was very important to the Drainage Board, was the high hinge position of the arm which allows them to work along fenced riverbanks, reaching over without damage to the fence.  The combination is a very impressive outfit.

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